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We have hit the ground running with NSAA Winter Sports here at NPHS and are excited that almost 200 Bulldog students have decided to join a winter sport this season! This is in addition to the numerous students who are currently in FFA, Skills USA, Play Production, Unified Bowling, or another NPHS school sponsored club! We are continuing to provide opportunities for our students to be engaged and involved here at the high school and look to see more and more Bulldogs being involved in extracurricular activities the rest of the 21-22 school year.

We want to wish everyone a healthy and happy Thanksgiving Break and hope this is a time for everyone to recharge the batteries as we prepare for the final stretch run this first semester. Thank you all for your continued support of what we are doing here at NPHS and look forward to a great winter sports season!


  • HARD WORK: What happened last winter was awesome, but this is the start of a new winter season. We collectively have to come to the table and put in the work and time needed to put your athletes, your teams, and our organization in the best position to be successful! As a coach/sponsor, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for hard work and your students will follow your lead in this area!
  • DETAILS/ORGANIZATION: No matter your role (head coach/assistant/administrator) you have to make sure you take care of the little details and maintain organization in order to put yourselves and your athletes in the best position to be successful. Failure to be organized and take care of the details is ON YOU as a coach/sponsor of a team or organization.
  • COMMUNICATION: I am a firm believer that we should make sure we OVER COMMUNICATE to all stakeholders who touch our programs. We live in a day and age where stakeholders want and need information and I am challenging us all to make sure we are COMMUNICATING early and often to the stakeholders around our programs.
  • FOCUS ON PROCESS: Where our teams are at the beginning of the season is not as big of a concern as where our teams are at the END OF THE SEASON. Be more concerned with the process of getting your teams/athletes to improve throughout the course of the season and make sure we are competing at our best at the end of the year!
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